What is grayware, adware and madware?

The fast advent of technology has given rise to an easier access to information. However, on the other hand it has also given birth to a number of online attacks aimed at unauthorized access of the personal information of users through malware and Trojan horse virus. A majority of computer users do not have the necessary knowledge about what is grayware, madware and adware. This is partly due to these three being the lower levels of online threats affecting computer users worldwide. One of the confusion caused by such programs is that they blur the line between a reliable and dangerous application.

If your computer system has been infected by any of these malicious codes then it’s time to ask for the help of a technical expert. This is where the specialists from the Avast Support will come to your rescue and eliminate the issue. Our Avast Antivirus Support team will ensure that no issue ever interferes with your online browsing session.

However, it is imperative that you know what these three codes are capable of doing to your system. The Avast Technical Support will provide you with complete information on these malicious codes.

  • Grayware

It is a concise name for “unwanted programs” which is capable of greatly damaging your computer system in the long run. A grayware infection can include pop-up advertisements that ruin the browsing experience of a user and makes the system slower. Grayware is capable of tracking the online activity of a user and opens the system up to more malicious security issues by simply being present inside the computer system. In other words, it is a gateway through which other malware programs can easily enter and infect your system.

  • Adware And Madware

When grayware collects information with the intention of making advertising money, it becomes adware. However, when the same happens with your computer then it takes the form of madware as it can also happen to a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. The basic intention of both is to slow down the working speed of your computer system.

The worst part is that both adware and madware work in coordination with a spyware. A Spyware program looks at everything that a user does online and creates a record of the same. Both madware and adware report the information to a third party, however both collect data for more sinister purpose.

How can it affect your computer system?

Once all the information has been gathered via adware and madware, your system is open to manipulation by hackers for more sinister purposes. The only step left to be done is that an online attacker will send you a link hoping that you will click on it. Once you click on the link, your system goes haywire and needs an expert to fix it.

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