What are mobile banking Trojans?

With a number of individuals using their smartphones to purchase new products, it has become imperative to have an application that lets them carry out the financial transaction with ease. Smartphone users can simply install these applications and carry out any financial transaction from transferring funds to purchasing a new product.

However, not all applications are officially launched by the financial institutions and might be potential malware aimed at stealing information. With the fast evolving technology, cybercriminals have also gained more understanding on how to steal a user’s data. There are a number of technical support service providers to keep your smartphone and the financial safe from any unauthorized access.

We at the AntivirusTechSquad are available round-the-clock to provide complete protection to the data stored in your smartphone. Ours is a team of highly trained technical experts who have the right tools to take care of any issue affecting the security of your financial information.

What are mobile banking Trojans and how can they affect a user’s smartphone?

mobile banking trojan
mobile banking trojan

Every smartphone user is a compact computer packed with a powerful processor and software and similar to computers, these can be infiltrated via malware. Mobile banking Trojan steals money from the mobile user’s bank accounts and those using these applications are at the highest risk of being attacked.

Cybercriminals publish these malicious applications on third-party websites and application stores or send phishing text messages that have harmful URL’s. For more information, connect with the highly skilled Kaspersky Technical Support Australia experts.

How does a Mobile Banking Trojan operate?

Once the user downloads the banking application and launches it, the Trojan horse displays its interface covering the banking application interface. While the user is entering the information, the malware steals the information from the user.

In order to fool the user, the mobile banking Trojan has to impersonate the original banking application convincingly. These are capable of impersonating not only banking applications but also payment services and sometimes even messaging apps. A critical time in this process includes hijacking the SMS having an OTP sent by the banking system as a two-factor authentication confirmation. You can connect with the highly skilled and trained Kaspersky Antivirus Support Australia experts who are here to provide you the best assistance to keep your banking information safe.

How can I protect my financial information from any intrusion by Mobile Banking Trojan?

The technical experts at the Kaspersky Support Australia have come up with some effective tips on how you can prevent Mobile Banking Trojan from stealing your financial information. Kindly pay attention to these guidelines mentioned below;

  1. Enable the SMS notifications for your mobile banking needs.
  2. Download applications from official application stores and online links such as Google Play, Apple App Store and others.
  3. Always pay attention to every permission asked by an application as this request can be related to accessing your SMS history.
  4. Install a reliable and trusted mobile security program to keep your personal and financial data completely secured.

How can I connect with the Kaspersky Support Australia experts?

You can easily contact the experts at the Kaspersky Customer Support Australia via toll-free number at 1-800-987-893. Also, you can write about the issue affecting your smartphone to our team of professionals.