All About Enabling Protection Against Screen Lockers

Screen lockers is one kind of dangerous ransomware that are created by online attackers to ask for ransom from users by blocking or giving limited access to the system so that a ransom is needed to restore the system to its normal state. But in this case you may not get the unlocking code even if the demanded money is transferred. It might continuously ask for more money. This happened early in 2017 and affected a lot of business and individuals. The ransomware resulted in huge losses to many organizations.

In order to enable protection against screen lockers, Kaspersky Antivirus Support professionals has explained the steps to do it correctly.

Enabling the protection

If you see a banner with a demand that you send a text message or make a money transfer to unlock the computer, use a keyboard shortcut that will cause Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 to detect and remove the screen locker.

By default, Protection against screen lockers is enabled.

To check if the option is enabled on your computer and to set a custom shortcut, follow these steps:

  • Open Kaspersky Internet Security 2017
  • In the lower-left part of the window, click the Settings link
  • In the Settings view, go to Protection Center and click System Watcher
  • Make sure that the check box Detect and close screen lockers is enabled in the System Watcher settings window
  • Adjust the shortcut that causes Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 to detect and remove screen-locking ransomware
  • Close the application window

If in case you don’t know how to unlock the screen using the keyboard shortcut, read the below instructions by Kaspersky Antivirus Support carefully and completely.

If your screen is locked by a screen locker, use the preconfigured key combination.

If you have not changed the default shortcut or if the Protection against screen lockers is disabled, press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F4 on your keyboard to close the screen locker window.

Next, run a Full Scan.

Did you find this information useful? Did it helped you overcome the screen lock problem? If it still hasn’t, may be you are doing something incorrectly. Don’t worry, you can contact third party Kaspersky Antivirus Support immediately for assistance on toll free number 1-800-987-893. They are available online 24×7 to provide technical assistance for antivirus and router related issues. What are you waiting for? Contact today!

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