How To Activate Kaspersky Antivirus Software?

Steps to activate Kaspersky Antivirus 2016

When you buy kaspersky antivirus software online or in the store you get a 20-digit activation code. When you buy kaspersky antivirus online you get a code in the form of an email or you might find the code below if you have purchased from the store. If you don’t find a activation code please Contact Kaspersky Support for help.

Once you find the Activation code you need to enter it in the box shown below. Kaspersky Activation code is a combination of alphabets and number together. Please ensure we type the code correctly to avoid activation errors.

You may also activate the a 30 day trial version offered by Kaspersky antivirus. Please see the below the link to activate 30 day free licence for kaspersky Antivirus. For downloading the trial licence please click here. 30-day Free trial comes with all features but limited to 30 days only. if you wish to continue you will have to purchase the software.

Commons problems while activating kaspersky antivirus

You may get errors while activate Kaspersky antivirus software. Do not panic here is the link for list of common error while activating kaspersky antivirus . If you still face issues activating you licence please feel free to call Kaspersky Support Number 1800-987-893 to know the exact problem. Kaspersky Technical Support experts are trained for diagnosing the issues and fixing it instantly.

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