How To Install Kaspersky Antivirus Software?

Kaspersky Antivirus users often call technical support asking for help installing the software. To be honest installing kaspersky software is really simple. In the below images we have explained how to install kaspersky antivirus software step by step.

Before we begin installing the software, we need to ensure our devices are compatible with the software version we are trying to install. Once it passes the compatibility check you can begin installing the software. To install the software from a disc you need insert the disc in the CD tray and follow the instructions. If you have bought the software online you can click here the download the Kasperksy Antivirus Software.

Step by step Kaspersky installation instructions:

  1. Click on install to begin installation
  2. Run Install setup wizard
  3. Activate Commercial licence
  4. Once the installation is completed you can click on the finish button and exit out of the setup wizard

Kaspersky Customer Support Australia

You should see a new icon for Kaspersky antivirus on your desktop, to run kaspersky antivirus software on your computer you may double click on the icon and click on scan to run the scan on your computer. If you face any issues installing kaspersky please call Kaspersky Support Number for help at 1800 987 893. Our Australian support lines are open 24/7.

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