Restricting Access To Specific Websites Using Kaspersky Antivirus: How And Why?

Young kids have innocent minds. You would want them to grasp only good and enlightening stuff during this period. You would want them to access educational, informative and age-appropriate websites only. You would want to restrict adult websites, harmful or objectionable content. For this you need parental control feature in your mobile, computer/laptop.

You know how ‘you may also like’ banners or those ads can be cheap and inappropriate for young children. If you are using Kaspersky Antivirus software, you have the privilege to block those adult and inappropriate sites instantly. Here is the guide by Kaspersky Technical Support professionals for using the parental control feature in your software.

Why Parental Control?

New age parents and their kids are far more digital than compared against kids born in 90s and their parents. Today, kids use phone to text and communicate with their friends and parents. In fact, even schools have integrated tablets and computers in their curriculum. Even parents have allowed kids to use phones, because that’s the best way working parents can keep in touch with their children staying away from them almost the entire day.

The biggest challenge parents face is balancing between the pros and cons of giving the digital freedom to the children. While phone is needed to stay in touch, it could also lead to children watching inappropriate content online in the absence of parents. The digital world is also exposing children to threats and information that are far beyond their capacity to handle. This is why having a robust parental controls system in all devices helps. Following are the top reasons according Kaspersky Antivirus Support experts for which you should have parental control.

  • Cyber Security
  • This may safeguard your child against any online threat because such websites will be blocked under parental control

  • Time Management/Control
  • Parents can control by setting boundaries and time limits on the types of media their children engage with

  • Cyber Etiquette
  • Helps make kids understand the value of good behavior, both offline and online

  • Data Backup
  • Phone breaks or lost. Make sure you protect their digital wealth with backup

How To Activate And Use Parental Control In Kaspersky Antivirus?

  • From the main window/screen, select Parental Controls
  • Select the child’s profile, enable the feature, and choose Configure restrictions.
  • Choose Internet in the left-hand pane and then click Manage exclusions in the main window.
  • Click Add and add an entire website or specific pages and choose Allow or Block, either of which you can do in conjunction with category-level filtering.
  • You are done!

Parents can add, remove and adjust any parental control settings as per the requirement.

If you are facing problem applying parental control in your software, please feel free to call experts on Kaspersky Customer Support toll free number at 1800-987-893. The experts are there for you round the clock, means you can contact them anytime without thinking about the odd hours and its additional charges, because we usually don’t charge extra unless the issue is really tricky.

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