How Mcafee Keeps You Safe

McAfee Antivirus is the best cybersecurity program for those looking to give all round protection to their data, both offline and online. The company with its headquarters in Santa Clara, California is the world’s most devoted online security Technology Company. McAfee also offers a plethora of features to both private individuals and business owners to give them nothing less than the best when it comes to securing sensitive information. The vast array of products offered by McAfee includes McAfee LiveSafe, McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Internet Security, McAfee Personal Firewall, McAfee Small Business Security, McAfee Security for Business, McAfee Server Security Suite and McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise, McAfee Family Protection, McAfee Antivirus Plus and many more.

In this fast paced technological age, it is becoming tough to protect your sensitive data and computer against virus and malware attacks. Also, with the advent of many new computer virus and Trojan horse programs; securing your computer system is the need of the hour. Another service provided by McAfee includes the highly efficient and technical experts working at McAfee technical support. The specialists are available day and night to help any customer facing an issue with any McAfee product.

Do you want to stay safe and away from the prying eyes of hackers and online predators?

The laptops and smartphones you use can become a double agent if it is accessed online by hackers and stalkers who may misuse all your personal information. In order to enjoy your time online and protect your precious data please follow the tips provided by the McAfee technical support experts.

  • Block your browser
  • This might seem counter intuitive to your browsing session but web browsers not only download videos and songs but also invisible trackers. In order to prevent this from happening always use a tracker-blocking browser plug-in as these look inside the code of webpages that are known to have tracking behavior.

  • Use pseudonyms
  • A number of websites don’t ask for your real name, exact date of birth or email address, no need to enter them if not required. It is recommended that most use January 1st as the default birthdate and also create separate email address to be used only on bogus websites. Also, the specialists at McAfee tech support recommend that you use a synonym so that any comments made on political or religious blogs cannot be traced back.

  • Request for data removal
  • Whether it is you posing with the new employee of the company or with your childhood friend, the internet remembers everything. Any photographs of you or someone dear to you on Facebook are a major loophole. However, there is no need to worry as the websites are governed by freedom of speech which offers users the chance to get their pictures removed at an instant.

  • Cloak yourself
  • Be aware as someone with an access to your internet connection can spy on the online activities. The biggest risk happens when you are trying to connect to a public Wi-Fi spot available at airport where there is a chance of hackers gaining access to your device. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) encodes and reroutes your laptop and phone making it harder for online attackers to track your information. A number of people employ a VPN but always be careful with VPN marketed on a large scale to consumers.

Want to know how more about how to keep your online life secure? Contact the experts at McAfee technical support experts at 1-800-987-893

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