Tips To Run A Kaspersky Antivirus Scan The Right Way To Stay Safe

Properly setting up and running a scan on your PC, laptop or device is one of the right ways to protect your system from malicious elements. In this time when viruses enter your computer through email attachments, downloads, pop-ups and other online activities, having a proper antivirus software in your system helps a lot and keeps your online activity and system secure.

There are several antivirus software available like Avast, Kaspersky, Norton, McAfee, AVG, Symantec and many others. Make a choice as per your requirement and get started to stay safe. Kaspersky antivirus software is mostly recommended by experts for its superior performance and solid protection against viruses and malware.

In this article we bring you tips by Kaspersky tech support professionals to run a Kaspersky antivirus scan properly for complete protection.

  • Firstly, before you start scanning, backup your computer files. You can automate the backing up process. You should always clean your backup files by running a scan before restoring file or program.
  • To start with and get the idea of an antivirus software works, start by downloading the trial version of the software. With this free tool you can learn its process and understand the level of protection offered by the product.
  • Kaspersky tech support suggests you to perform a critical scan of important system components viz. Registry and startup services. In case of any issues, follow all steps to remove the problem before trying to finish the installation of the antivirus software. If your system is already hit by malware or virus, you won’t be able to install a lot of software. To install it completely, make sure the malware is completely removed.
  • If you have been compromised, switch off the internet connectivity. By doing so you can prevent any virus or malware on your PC from connecting to a remote system that may further block your computer.
  • If your system isn’t compromised, quickly install the Kaspersky antivirus software properly. Make sure all security updates are properly downloaded, and try a full virus scan. By giving the scan command, it is important to know that your hard drives, removable media, system memory and email will also be scanned completely.
  • After scanning the system when you start restoring the data from backup, scan and clean them first and most importantly.
  • Manage your settings correctly. Don’t just reply on single full scan once a while. Instead setup automatic virus scans to ensure your computer is being checked regularly.
  • Review scan reports occasionally. Most users ignore or skip the scan results; but you should read the report because by doing so you’ll come to know about the threats and vulnerabilities and act on it before its late.

Keeping your system protected helps keep your data safe and secure. Try Kaspersky and experience safe browsing.

In case of any problem while installing or using the software, contact Kaspersky tech support for assistance on toll free number at 1-800-987-893. The experts are available round the clock for your help via web chat, email or on call. Contact now for immediate and professional help.

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